People are increasingly opting for vegetables, and foods with
a high vegetable content. As well as being healthy and tasting good, vegetables are a sustainable choice. Today, we are focusing on renewal, international operations and efficiency improvement in all of our business operations.

Apetit uses vegetables to make easy and delicious frozen and fresh cut products that promote well-being. We refine high-quality vegetable oils and produce expeller meal from rapeseed. In the grain trade, we bring together grain buyers, sellers, growers and industries, in Finland and internationally, by providing reliable long-term partnerships and expertise. In 2018, the company’s net sales were EUR 283.1 million. Apetit Plc’s shares have been listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd since 1989.

The Group’s business areas include Food Solutions, Oilseeds products and Grain Trade. The Group also includes the associated company Sucros Ltd (20% holding). Apetit Group is also a minority shareholder of Escamar Seafood Ltd. (with a holding of less than 20%).

Apetit Group’s business segments

Food Solutions

We produce a wide range of tasty frozen vegetable products and frozen ready meals and fresh ready-to-use vegetables that make it easy to increase the use of vegetables. Our aim is to become Finland’s leading brand in vegetable-based food solutions. Most of our frozen vegetables are grown on the farms of our contract growers in the Satakunta region of Finland using our unique, responsible farming methods.

Oilseed Products

We are Finland’s most significant producer of vegetable oils and oilseed-based raw materials for feeds. Our oil milling plant in Kirkkonummi uses 99.9 per cent of the oilseed, producing high-quality products with a high added value for human and animal consumption.

Grain Trade

We operate actively in the grain, oilseed and feed raw-material markets. We offer excellent customer service and trading tools for buyers and sellers. Our main areas of supply are Finland and the Baltic countries, but we engage in the international grain trade. Our success is based on our comprehensive expertise and experience and our strong market knowledge.

Associated company Sucros

Apetit owns 20% of Finland’s only sugar producer, Sucros Ltd, which produces sugar from Finnish sugar beet at its plant in Säkylä. Sucros’s subsidiary, Suomen Sokeri Oy, based in Kirkkonummi, produces a range of sugar products for the food industry, the retail trade and other sales