Food Solutions

Frozen Foods

Apetit is the leading Finnish producer of frozen vegetables and frozen ready meals. Under its Apetit brand, it develops, produces, markets and sells frozen foods produced by using mainly Finnish raw materials. The Finnish-grown raw material content in Apetit’s frozen vegetables and frozen potato products is approximately 80%, and in the Kotimaiset domestic food range over 98 %.

The company’s production facilities are located in Säkylä and Pudasjärvi. The Säkylä factory produces frozen vegetables, frozen potato products and frozen ready meals. The majority of Apetit Ruoka Oy’s contract growers, who are more than 100 altogether, also operate near Säkylä. The company’s frozen pizza production is located in Pudasjärvi.

The quality criteria for raw materials are strictly defined. The Finnish raw materials are purchased from contract growers which follow Apetit Responsible Cultivation guidelines that are constantly being developed and refined. The aim of this method is to minimise the adverse environmental impact of cultivation and to observe the principles of sustainable development.

The most important domestic raw materials used by Apetit Ruoka are potatoes, carrots, peas, spinach and swede. Important raw materials acquired from foreign suppliers are maize and sweet peppers. They are imported in frozen form from long-term contract suppliers, most of whom are located in the European Union.

Apetit’s customers comprise the retail trade, the hotel, restaurant and catering sector (HoReCa) and food industry companies. Apetit also produces frozen ready meals and frozen vegetables for export.

Fresh cut products 

In fresh cut products Apetit produces fresh and ready-to-use vegetable and fruit products and convenience foods. Apetit is Finland’s leading producer and marketer of fresh, additive-free, pre-prepared vegetable and fruit products.
Apetit delivers products within 24-hours of the order to ensure freshness and quality of the products. The products are delivered to customers via wholesalers or direct distribution, according to the customer’s choice. Raw materials are acquired fresh from long-standing contract suppliers in Finland and abroad. Finnish raw materials are used wherever they can be obtained at competitive rates. The raw materials arrive from the suppliers exactly when they are needed, thus ensuring freshness. 
Fruit and vegetable products are chopped, sliced, diced and cut into strips while fresh and are packed in this form with-out any preservatives or additives. Apetit also develops new products from quality raw materials to meet customer wishes.