Mission and vision

Ever since the company was established in 1950, we have been proud to offer delicious, Finnish-grown food products to the country’s households.


Our mission is to create wellbeing with vegetables


We want to be the leader in vegetable-based food solutions

Apetit’s strategic focus areas for 2018–2020

Apetit is focusing on continuous renewal by increasing product and service development and on stronger internationalisation by increasing international food trade and mapping potential areas of supply in grain trade while strengthening its presence in the Baltics as well as on efficiency improvement in all of its business operations.

Apetit’s financial targets for 2020:

At least to double operational EBITDA (2017: EUR 6.8 million in continuing operations)

Operational return on capital employed (ROCE%) > 8% (2017: 2.4%)

The achievement of these strategic targets is based on customary crop development, systematic operational efficiency improvement, innovative and timely product launches and the development of international food trade. The company is open to corporate transactions that are in line with its strategy.

Updated dividend policy

The aim of the Board of Directors of Apetit Plc is that the company’s shares should provide shareholders with a good return on investment and retain their value. The company will distribute at least 50% of the profit for the financial year in dividends.

Strategic focuses of the business areas for 2018–2020:

The Food Solutions business seeks to grow profitably and more rapidly than the market in Finland. Its strategic focus areas are:

  • The strong renewal of frozen foods and fresh products and the development of spearhead products for the international markets
  • Supporting and increasing the consumption of vegetables among children and young people
  • A clear improvement in profitability
  • A sustainable value chain as a stronger competitive factor

The Oilseed Products business seeks to improve profitability and create higher added value. Its strategic focus areas are:

  • Improving the efficiency of oil milling operations
  • Further developing the cultivation of rapeseed in Finland
  • New innovations and their rapid commercialisation
  • Developing self-sufficiency in vegetable-based proteins in Finland

The Grain Trade business seeks to increase its trading volumes in its main areas of supply and to efficiently manage its working capital. Its strategic focus areas are:

  • Increasing its market share in the area of supply consisting of the Baltic countries
  • Creating strong value chain partnerships in Finland
  • Developing the most highly advanced digital services that support logistics and the grain trade
  • Studying potential areas of supply