Energy-efficient food supply chain

In Apetit’s operations, energy is especially used in the processing of vegetables and the creation of high-quality production and storage conditions, by cooling premises, for instance. Apetit aims at using electricity, district heat and steam as economically as possible, constantly improving the energy efficiency of its operations.

Site-specific goals and targets have been set for improving the efficiency of energy use. We plan the necessary efficiency improvement measures and report on the progress annually. We aim at deploying new energy-efficient technology and increasing the use of renewable energy sources whenever it is technically and financially feasible.

The personnel’s ability to increase the efficiency of energy use is improved with internal training. In purchasing, planning and investments, the factors taken into account include not only acquisition costs but also future energy costs and the useful life of acquisitions. The energy efficiency of transport and storage is improved in cooperation with the sector’s service companies.

We monitor energy efficiency on Apetit Ruoka Oy’s Kivikko, Säkylä and Pudasjärvi production plants, Apetit Ruoka Oy’s Räpi experimental farm and on Avena Kantvik Oy’s Kirkkonummi production plant.

Aiming at 7.5% savings by 2025

The Apetit Group participates in the Energy Efficiency Agreement system of Finnish industries and has committed to implementing the Food and Drink Industry Action Plan.

In the Action Plan, the goal for improving the efficiency of energy use is to reduce energy use by 7.5 per cent in 2017–2025. Improving the efficiency of energy use refers to measurable impact on energy consumption, achieved through savings measures. Savings are considered to also include so-called calculated savings, that is: preventing or reducing future consumption that would come about without the measures.

Apetit has included the continuous improvement of energy efficiency and the promotion of the use of renewable energy sources in its management system and has committed to acting according to the Action Plan goals whenever it is feasible considering financial, technical, safety and environment aspects.

In the Action Plan’s reference year 2016, the Apetit Group’s end use of energy amounted to 74,700 MWh. The indicative energy saving milestone for the Apetit Group, to be achieved by 2020, is 4 per cent (-2,988 MWh) and the total target by 2025 is 7.5 per cent (-5,602 MWh).

In 2018, Apetit’s total energy consumption was 70,865 MWh, or 0,4 per tonne produced/sold.