Ethical channel for reporting suspected misconduct

Compliance with legislation and regulations, integrity and transparency and operating in accordance with the company’s Code of Conduct are matters of primary importance for Apetit.

Any suspected cases of misconduct are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. Anyone can report suspected cases of misconduct without having to fear the consequences.

Suspected misconduct can be reported to the Apetit Group in confidence using the instructions that can be found on this page. The matters reported can be related to the violation of legislation and regulations, to securities or to operations that do not comply with Apetit Plc’s Code of Conduct. The reports are investigated in confidence and reporting of suspected misconduct will not have negative consequences for the person submitting the report.

The whistleblowing channel is also an independent channel in accordance with Chapter 12, Section 3 of the Securities Markets Act for reporting the violation of provisions and regulations concerning the financial markets.

To improve the accuracy, efficiency and fairness of the investigations, you must provide your own name when submitting the report. To assist the investigations, please report and explain the matter in sufficient detail. If you would like to receive a response to your message, please provide your own mobile phone number. We need your mobile phone number so that we can securely send the password for your security email address.

Instructions for making a report

  1. Go to the address
  2. In the top field of the new window, please enter your email address where you would like the confirmation request from our security email server to be sent.
  3. Write your message and add any attachment / attachments. If you would like a reply to your message to be sent to your email address, please include your mobile phone number in the message.
  4. You can confirm the password suggested for the message or replace it with your own password. The password will be sent automatically to Apetit’s supervision so that your message can be opened.
  5. Click “Send”.
  6. A confirmation request will be sent to your email address from the security email server. You must confirm the request by clicking on the link in the email. Your message will only be sent after you have confirmed the link.

Apetit does not accept any misuse of the whistleblowing channel.