Personnel development

We want to be a highly attractive employer and an innovator in our industry.

At Apetit, the personnel strategy is part of the business strategy, and development measures related to employees are always closely connected to business development and the strategic focuses. Apetit’s personnel strategy focuses on further improving its employer image, creating a safe and encouraging work atmosphere and enabling a corporate culture that also allows for bold experiments, in addition to inspiring and goal-oriented leadership and competence development.

Each employee should be familiar with the goals of their work, and should be able to make use of their strengths and skills in their job. In addition, it is important that Apetit’s employees can engage in rewarding cooperation in line with its strategy, in an encouraging and inspiring atmosphere.

Apetit wants to be a highly attractive employer. We work towards this goal by investing in the following areas:

  • A supportive atmosphere in a safe working environment
  • Inspiring and goal-oriented leadership
  • The best and most appropriate skills and expertise
  • We promote a culture of bold innovation and experimentation